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Membership in the Club is open to all who find Polish culture and heritage of interest


Membership in the Club is open to all who find Polish culture and heritage of interest.

In addition to joining with others in good fellowship and the appreciation of Polish Heritage, Art and Culture, membership in the Polish Arts Club provides the following:

  • Notices of the Club's Programs of lectures, concerts and art showings

  • Invitations to the Wigilia, the traditional Polish Christmas feast, to the Polonaise Ball, and to the Biesiada banquet

  • Borrowing privileges at the University of Buffalo Libraries


The membership categories are*:

  • Student Membership - $10 annual dues

  • Sponsor - $100 annual dues

  • Individual Membership - $35 annual dues

  • Family Membership - $50 annual dues

  • Life Membership - $500

*All dues are annual based on calendar year, no pro rated, no refunds.


How to Join:

Please send your check or money order to:

Polish Arts Club
P.O. Box 259
Buffalo, NY 14207

Download Application:
Membership Application...

Rather, join us in the serious business of helping the Club achieve its real potential.

Please consider sharing your skills – be these: 

  • accounting

  • advertising

  • artistic

  • business

  • catering

  • editorial

  • development

  • fund-raising

  • graphic

  • grant-writing

  • musical

  • organizational

  • oratorical

  • photographic

  • publicity

  • public relations

  • writing (expository -, grant-, webpage-, etc.)

  • other


Help us accomplish the Club’s mission of rendering the people of Western New York truly appreciate of Polish Culture, not only by virtue of the events the Club stages and the projects it embarks upon, but also based on the quality of its efforts and activities.

Enjoy the challenge of seeking to make ours the best grassroots cultural organization in town, and the pride of it, should we – with your help – succeed?

Send us an email to and let's discuss how your skills could impact the Club most effectively and assist in its mission.

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